If you need to see a health care provider at one of our clinics, simply call that site and arrangements will be made to get you in as soon as possible. If you are a walk-in patient (a patient without an appointment), you will be triaged by one of our clinic nurses and given further instructions. However, an appointment is always needed for specialty services, such as the pediatrician, podiatrist, chiropractor, optometry, dental, women’s health, your annual history and physical and medicine refills or renewals. Appointments for medicine refills are not considered as a same-day or “walk-in” visit. They will be scheduled for the next available opening on another day.

RSBCIHI has implemented an automated scheduling packet. All patients coming to our facility for clinic services will be required to check in at the Patient Registration Department.

Please provide us when you check-in with your current address and correct phone number. In the event our staff needs to contact you regarding testing results or medication changes, we need a current number to reach you promptly. Otherwise incorrect information may cause a delay in your updated treatment.

The Patient Registration staff is required to ask all patients if they are checking in for a scheduled appointment. When a person’s name does not show up on the automated scheduler they will be sent to the department they want to be seen in to get authorization.

If a person is going to Nursing or Lab and does not have a scheduled appointment for these services, they must be checked in. In addition, Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc. has implemented an automated Telephone Voice Appointment Reminder System. The Clinic Receptionist will be asking all patients if they mind if our facility calls their home to remind them of a scheduled appointment.

Patient Forms

  • Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • Comments Regarding Program Services Form
  • Authorization for Release, Use or Disclosure of Health Information Form
  • Privacy Policy