Jess Montoya


Welcome to Riverside-San Bernardino Indian Health Clinic Inc.

On behalf of Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc., its Board of Directors, Administration and Staff, we welcome you to one of the finest Native American healthcare organizations in the country. Since our beginning in 1968, the fundamental purpose of our mission has remained intact:

RSBCIHI is to provide culturally sensitive healthcare, respect, and abide by the traditional customs of our Indian Communities, and promote wellness and provide early intervention to achieve healthy lifestyles. The Board of Directors and Staff working hand-in-hand with the Indian communities will create a healthy environment to achieve this mission.

Our vision is to share the values and traditions, strengthen the body, promote peace of mind, and empower dreams to all those who pass through our doors. Together, we can build a healthier way of life for a better tomorrow.

The staff that serves you is made up of dedicated individuals with your health care as our only purpose. We encourage you to become an active participant of our health care services as we work together to raise your quality of health care to the highest standards possible. Our commitment begins with you; our responsibility never ends.


Jess Montoya
CEO/Executive Director