Welcome to Community Outreach Services

The Community Outreach Department utilizes Public Health Nurses (PHN’s), Community Health Representatives (CHR’s) and Patient Escorts who serve as liaisons between the Native American community and the RSBCIHI health care system. We work together to meet individual and community needs.

The responsibility for patient care goes beyond the medical clinic or hospital service boundaries. Outreach goes to the home on a continuum of service, and has the patient as a primary focus.

The mission of Community Outreach is to efficiently provide quality multi-disciplinary health care interventions, that respect the traditions and dignity of the clients served, and allow our clients maximum access to health care knowledge and services that promote wellness of individuals, families and communities.

The Outreach Staff will serve as an advocate for the Native American community and assist in coordinating with all other departments and with public and private agencies. For more information contact the Outreach Department at Morongo ext. 1420.

Services offered:

• Assist clients to access non-emergency health care resources by providing escort services to those who qualify;

• Provide Childbirth education;

• Provide Home visits to identified prenatal and post partum patients;

• Identify high-risk pregnant teens and refer to appropriate care and resources (AIIHI Grant);

• Provide child/adult Immunizations;

• Provide health screening activities to detect and identify high risk health problems;

• Screenings such as: Mammograms, blood pressure, glucose, lice, hearing, vision;

• Refer elders requiring services to appropriate sources of care;

• Monitor the health status of clients with chronic health problems or permanent disabilities; and,

• Teach self-care skills to promote understanding of disease, treatment, complications and follow-up needed.