The Patient Registration Department is responsible for determining whether a person is eligible for Direct Care clinic services and if they are eligible for Contract Care benefits. All patients are required to be checked in by the Patient Registration Staff on the date of their clinic visit. New patients are required to provide their proof of Indian or lineal descent, proof of residency, social security card and health insurance information at their first clinic visit. Non-Indian spouses are required to provide their marriage certificate, proof of residency, social security card and their spouse’s proof of Indian. Non-Indian stepchildren must provide their birth certificate, social security card, their stepparent’s proof of Indian, proof of residency and their parent’s marriage certificate; stepchildren are only eligible for clinic services until the age of 19. At each clinic visit all patients will verbally update their demographic information and are required to update their demographic information in writing twice a year. A new proof of residency must be provided annually. All documents must be originals. Anyone with questions on their eligibility for clinic services can contact the Patient Registration Department:

Morongo Patient Registration
800-732-8805 Ext. 1303, 1304

Soboba Patient Registration
800-851-5816 Ext. 4240, 4241

Torres-Martinez Receptionist
800-717-4476 Ext. 2600

Pechanga Receptionist
877-781-0333 Ext. 2500

San Manuel Patient Registration
888-268-0008 Ext. 4771, 4772