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Native Challenge

Programs For Native Youth and Parents

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Our Services

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Our Services

The Native Challenge Department provides community-wide, risk-focused, prevention and health education programs dedicated to serve Native American families on sexual health, teen pregnancy prevention, and healthy lifestyles. The program is designed to attract interest in traditional cultural activities, and highlight positive culturally grounded activities which may prevent behavioral, mental health and substance abuse conditions.

Tribal Stars

Students Teaching About Relationships & Success

Eligibility: Native -American youth ages 12 – 18

Tribal Family Partners

Partnering with Native Families to Strengthen Bonds and Breakdown Barriers

Tribal Family Partners services offered focus on development-centered parenting, family well-being and parent-child interaction. This program strives to partner with families to help them raise their children to be strong, healthy, capable adults

Tribal Family Partners also hosts group connections which aim to provide a social gathering to engage with other Native families in your community.

Eligibility: Native -American children 0 – 5

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