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Community Outreach

Transportation & Community Assistance

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Community Outreach Services

The mission of Community Outreach is to efficiently provide quality multi-disciplinary health care interventions, that respect the traditions and dignity of the tribal community members, and allow our members maximum access to health care knowledge and services that promote well-ness of individuals, families and communities.

The Community Outreach Department, utilizing Public Health Nurses (PHN’s), Community Health Representatives (CHR’s), and Patient Escorts act as liaisons between the community and the health care system. The Outreach Department recognizes the diverse needs of the individual members within the community and strives to assure that appropriate health care is received.

The Community Outreach Department is aware that the responsibility for patient care goes beyond the medical clinic or hospital service boundaries. The patient is the primary focus in the Community Outreach Department. This is accomplished by ‘pulling together’ the health professionals that serve the patient in the clinical and home setting. Outreach has the patient as the primary focus.

Services offered:

  • Assist patients to access non-emergency health care resources by providing patient escort services to those who qualify
  • Provide home visits as needed to identified prenatal and post partum women, elders, and patients who request the consult and coordination of healthcare services
  • Provide health screening activities to detect and identify high risk health problems such as breast health, blood pressure, glucose, lice, hearing and vision
  • Refer patients requiring health services to appropriate sources of care
  • Monitor the health status of patients with chronic health problems or permanent disabilities; and, Teach self-care skills to promote understanding of disease, treatment, complications and follow-up needed

Our Services

The Community Outreach Department will serve as an advocate for the Native American community and assist in coordinating with all other departments and with public and private agencies. To access our department, call any one of our clinics and ask to speak with the Outreach Department.


Public Health Nurse (PHN) are Registered Nurses who received additional education and training to focus on the preservation of the health and wellness of the Native American population. The PHN is the licensed professional who coordinates care between the clinical setting and the home setting. Their practice is comprehensive, and includes all ages and diagnostic groups. The PHN provides services for health promotion and disease prevention, as well as nursing care, for the patient, family and the community.


The Community Health Representative (CHR) is the cultural “key” to helping patients in the Community Outreach Department. With guided supervision from the PHN, the CHR functions as an integral and respected part of the Outreach team due to the requirement of being Native American to fill the role. They’re able to respond with a genuine and caring sensitivity in providing in-home care tasks appropriate to their role, affecting behavioral change, rehabilitation, obtaining medical care and fostering a healthy life style for each patient in their care.

Patient Escorts

The Community Outreach Department recognizes that the unavailability of transportation can be a major barrier to health care access. Upon eligibility and need, transportation services will be provided. Each Patient Escort takes defensive and safe driving courses yearly and must have a clean driving record.

Meet Our Staff

Sylvia Bernhart


Anne Karnos

RN, PHN-Morongo

Stephanie Urias


Joe Romo

Patient Escort Lead-Soboba

Fabian DeAnda

Patient Escort (floater)-Morongo

JonMichael Steen

Patient Escort Morongo

Margarita Salgado


Dora Tso

CHR-San Manuel, Barstow

Karen Latimer

Patient Escort-Barstow

Gabrielle Hernandez

Patient Escort-San Manuel

Vivian Martinez

Patient Escort-San Manuel

Johnny Quintero

Patient Escort-Torres-Martinez

Fernando Chavez

Patient Escort-Torres-Martinez

Michelle de Leon

RN PHN-Anza, Santa Rosa, Pechanga

Karyn Hardin

Patient Escort-Pechanga

Angela (Tangie) Bogner

CHR-Anza, Santa Rosa