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Patient Services

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The Patient Services Department is responsible for determining if a person is eligible for alternate health care coverage, such as Medi-Cal, Medicare or a program through the health reform system through Covered California.

The Patient Services staff will do a prescreening to determine what program a person might potentially be eligible for, assist the person with completing an application for that program and filing the application on-line with the county office. The Patient Services staff can provide referral information for emergency food, utility assistance, etc. All uninsured patients are required to be screened quarterly by the Patient Services Department. Patients potentially eligible for Purchase/Referred Care (PRC) benefits must be screened and comply with the rules and regulations required by the alternate health care pro-gram before PRC benefits can be authorized. Anyone with questions on their eligibility for alternate health care coverage can contact the Patient Services Department by either walk-in or contact the Patient Services Department to schedule an appointment. Screening can take approximately 10 minutes or longer.

Patient Services Goal

The Goal of the Patient Services program is to provide quality and culturally appropriate information regarding health care benefits to all Indian patients and their families being served by Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc.The overall purpose of this program is to help Indian individuals and their families explore and sign up for any health care benefits that may affect the well-being of the Indian household.The Patient Services program will act as a liaison between the patient and the programs within or outside the organization.

Patient Services

It is RSBCIHI’s goal to have all Uninsured patients screened for alternate health care coverage through our Patient Services Department every four months. Having an alternate health care screening is beneficial for both our program and the uninsured patient.When an uninsured patient has an alternate health care screening it helps determine if a person is potentially eligible for a county, state or federal program that will assist with payment of outside medical services.

However, this does not mean you can’t be seen at our facilities. To complete the screening you can either telephone the staff, walk-in or schedule an appointment to have a screening performed.Screenings can take about 5-10 minutes.

In an event that a patient is eligible for a program such as Medi-Cal, Covered California or Medicare, the Patient Services staff can help assist in completing the application by working with the county, state or federal office in getting the uninsured patient signed up and approved for benefits.

Available Programs

Need health care coverage? Are you being referred out?

Patient Services can help, stop by one of the offices or call to be screened for alternate health care coverage. Screening is quick and beneficial; it helps

determine if a person is potentially eligible for a county, state or federal program that will assist with payment of outside medical services.

Covered California

Certified Enrollment Counselors who specialize in the Special Benefits for Eligible American Indian and Alaskan Natives.

  • Applications
  • Assistance with choosing a health plan to fit your needs.
  • Renewals
  • Exemptions
  • Applications
  • Redeterminations Packets
  • Signing up and changing managed care plans (IEHP/Molina)
  • Medi-Cal exemptions



The Low–Income Home Energy

Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a

federally-funded program that helps low income households pay their home heating and cooling bills.

Who is Eligible?

Consortium tribes who participate in the LIHEAP grant along with their descendants who reside in Riverside or San Bernardino County and meet income guideline Participating Consortium tribes:

Agua-Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians

Ramona Band of Cahuilla Indians

Cahuilla Band of Indians

Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians

Morongo Band of Mission Indians

Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians

Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians

Emergency Funds

The emergency fund program that is

offered through RSBCIHI, is designated monies available only in dire or special financial circumstances. It is to be used

for a needy Indian person or family only for an Indian person or family who has a dire or a special financial need that may affect the well being of the Indian household. This fund is provided through the generosity of the consortium tribes and the

employees of RSBCIHI.

Information Downloads (pdf)

Department Brochure

Department Flyer

LIHWAP Pamphlet


LIHEAP Pamphlet

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